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AntHill 1.0.0

AntHill 1.0.0

AntHill Publisher's Description

Creogen Anthill is a game that simulates live of the ant hill. But it doesn`t mean that it completely simulates biological ant hill. But is does mean that the game simulates some community which activities resemble a life of an ant hill. The Game takes place on a closed map which means that the Object (Ant) that leaves the top border of the map appears on the bottom border. The similar thing happens when the Object leaves the right border of the map and appears on the left border. The Game starts with some quantity of food and some number of ant hills. You can define both of these parameters when starting the Game. Ant hills of different colors are defined to be enemies. Ant hills of the same color are defined to be friends. During the Game ant hills are evoluting, expanding, producing Workers and Warriors, waging wars with each other. The last survived Ant hill is considered to be the Winner. From the softwares point of view Creogen Anthill is a realtime stradegy game. Though this comparison is not exactly truth. Creogen Anthill has two important differences from the most of similar games. First one is that there are thousands of units present under control of every Ant hill at the same time. That are the Workers, the Warriors, the Special Units and the Queens of which the Ant Hill itself consists. Second one results directly from the first one. Because of the large number of the Objects you cannot manage the Objects directly. Instead of that the Player can place the Lighthouses showing the direction for the Workers and Warriors and determine the priorities of Units Production. The whole gaming process is divided into the Moves during which the Objects of the Gaming World communicate with each other. Every second 15 moves take place. The number of moves per second can be lower. It depends on the number of the Objects and System Capatibilities.

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